Jake McCoy is a highly skilled writer & filmmaker with over 10 years of experience.

In 2014, Jake was asked to write and direct an advertisement for Burger King to promote the return of one of their popular menu items.
Shortly after, Jake was chosen by the Walt Disney Company to help promote their theme park: Walt Disney World. He was sent to the parks and asked to come up with a creative way to promote the park on film. He did fun interviews with the guests and the response was great!
Jake's relationship with the Walt Disney Company continued after they acquired Maker Studios, a company Jake was partnered with as a talent. 

In May of 2015, Maker Studios' sent Jake to Singapore as an ambassador for digital media as a part of 'Maker Bootcamp.' 'Maker Bootcamp' was a program designed to help teach the locals in Singapore how to create and profit off videos they post online, mainly YouTube. Jake spoke on a panel and answered questions. He also worked with the students of the program and helped them brainstorm new ideas they could work on. 

In August 2015, Jake received an opportunity to direct and co-write a television project for Disney XD. The project was fully funded and produced by the Walt Disney Company and Jake was responsible for balancing the budget, assembling a cast and crew and finding the most affordable place to film. The project was filmed in Atlanta. Jake was also in-charge of editing the project. He was given 3 months to edit the episode and create trailers used to promote the project. It currently has over 70,000 views on YouTube and the response was great!

Jake in Singapore in 2015 on a panel about how to maximize your YouTube channel



Legend of Snow Figure

After their friend is killed by a supernatural monster, three pals try to avenge their late friend by finding how to stop it. In this Sci-Fi Thriller Comedy, Jake McCoy, Nick Ingrassia and Nick Palazzo find out what friendship really means.

Funded by Network Entertainment

Always Connected XD

After an embarrassing video of Ian and Aaron goes viral on the internet, the brothers find themselves being constantly watched for their next big stunt. On top of that, they're starting high school and realize just how tough being a teenager can be!

Funded by the Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney World Interviews 

In 2015 Jake was asked to spend a week in Orlando promoting Walt Disney World, he decided to interview park guests and ask them some trivia questions. Jake and the park guests had a lot of fun making this hilarious video! 

Funded by the Walt Disney Company


Let's Talk Podcast

Similar to a 'Let's Play' on YouTube,  Let's Talk is a show where Jake discusses numerous topics throughout many different realms of our modern society. The goal is for the audience to walk away with a new or altered perspective on something discussed in that days episode. Whether it be gaming or politics, Jake hopes you can leave with a better understanding and new found compassion for an opinion that may not be the same as your own!

Available on YouTubeApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts and Spotify! 


Created in 2012, Jake McCoy Network, (The Network) became a major claim to fame for everyone involved. It originally started as a YouTube channel for comedy sketches but turned into a production company that earned opportunities from multiple companies such as: the Walt Disney Company, Burger King, Audible by Amazon, Wikia and Maker Studios. The channel has over 500,000 views and 4,500 subscribers! 

"Work hard, stay determined and stand by your content." 



Jake began taking film production seriously in 2007 and has done it professionally since 2012. 



Between the hundreds of sketches and larger productions, Jake has completed over 100 films