Start your engines...Could A New Crash Bandicoot game be racing to your consoles in 2019?


Start your engines...

It seems as if Crash Bandicoot is back...again. This time in the form of a kart racer. Earlier yesterday, famous bloggers and gaming news outlets such as IGN, began reporting on mysterious packages turning up at their offices. The packages all featured a pair of fuzzy orange dice and a note that read "Sliding into the game awards 12/6" signed by Anonymous....

If the image of the "Crash Orange" dice weren't enough to convince you, the story is about to get more interesting. The package's return addresses were omitted but the sender was referred to as "N.O." which is believed to be referring to Nitrous Oxide, the main antagonist from Naughty Dog's 1999 kart racer: CTR: Crash Team Racing.

Another interesting tidbit, as pointed out on twitter, are the numbers on the dice. When added up the numbers on each dice respectively are 6 on one, and 21 on the other. Could this point to a June 21st release in 2019? This would make sense seeing that the N.Sane trilogy released June 30th 2017 on PS4 and then June 31st the next year on Switch, Xbox One and PC. Lets just hope this time around we get another multi-platform release. I may have to pick it up on both PS4 and Switch on the same day if that's the case!

So is Activision working on a remake of Crash Team Racing similar to their 2017 remake of the first three Crash Bandicoot games? Or is this an all new kart racer inspired by it? Only time will tell, it is safe to say we will find out what this tease means tomorrow at the Game Awards.

UPDATE: Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled has been announced! Watch the launch trailer here! It will be released on June 21, 2019. 

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